What B2B Can Learn from B2C Using Amazon’s Experience as an Example

//What B2B Can Learn from B2C Using Amazon’s Experience as an Example

What B2B Can Learn from B2C Using Amazon’s Experience as an Example


As a long-time provider of Magento B2B services, SILK Software consistently monitors the forces shaping the global business environment. One of these forces is Amazon Business. In the words of the powerhouse internet retailer, Amazon Business takes the best of Amazon and tailors it to the needs of businesses.”

This merging of business models clearly demonstrates something that many experts have suspected – the differences between B2B and B2C are not as great as once supposed. In the coming years, the distinctions will get even fuzzier.

B2B Enterprises Should Take Note   

SILK believes online business-to-business retailers should pay attention to Amazon’s crossover approach.  In fact, there’s a great deal to be learned from this blending of models. By following Amazon’s example, businesses can improve the customer experience and set the stage for robust growth.

Overview of Key B2C Tactics Adopted Amazon Business


B2C sites such as Amazon.com are the undisputed masters when it comes to educating consumers about products or services. So it was only natural that Amazon Business feature a built-in educational component. As with its consumer side, Amazon Business offers customers a wealth of product information. Buyers can make informed decisions based on substantial data covering everything from shape and color to functionality.

Up-Front Pricing

B2C retailers routinely make prices known to the buying public. For some reason, however, many B2B entities opt to keep their product costs under wraps until a later date. Not a good idea. Leaving these crucial numbers out of the picture often creates confusion and uncertainty in the minds of buyers. And this state of mind seldom leads to sales.

Amazon Business is delightfully open about product prices. Such welcome transparency enables customers to make informed decisions well in line with their budgets. Multiple versions of the same product receive the same treatment – every price is clearly displayed. The upshot of this price policy is, of course, greater buyer trust.

Targeted Sellers

Every business has its own particular needs. By providing detailed seller profiles, Amazon Business enables businesses to identify the merchants that best meet particular criteria.

As Amazon Business clearly demonstrates, the distinctions between B2B and B2C are becoming increasingly blurred. Indeed, both models can share many of the same tactics proven to enhance and enrich the online customer experience. For B2B retailers, this means tremendous new opportunities.

We can help you capitalize on these opportunities with industry-leading Magento B2B solutions. Contact SILK to learn more about the possibilities for your business.