Building a Better Hangout for Heroes

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Building a Better Hangout for Heroes

FireShot Screen Capture #062 - 'Airsplat' - airsplat_com


So, you rock Final Fantasy, rule Middle-earth … Well, stop gloating. You’re no real hero until you can zing opponents with tiny plastic pellets. Known as Airsoft, this sport is both excellent recreation and the perfect way to dodge debt collectors. Sure, it might sting a little. But that’s only if you get hit.

So where do Airsoft heroes hang out for gear? If you’re serious, your destination is This online retailer has it all — from every kind of pellet-launching weapon to a mind-boggling assortment high-quality pellets. didn’t always kick butt. Once upon a time, they weren’t on an eCommerce platform; their online store was built on top of their existing ERP – Everest. The fly-by-night ‘Frankenstein’ platform eventually started stumbling. Orders got botched. Customers, angry.  Frankie had to go.


Aiming for an upgrade, Airsplat summoned the Jedi Masters of Magento solutions – SILK Software! SILK’s mission was to create a more robust platform capable of supporting Airsplat’s projected long-term growth.

Mission Impossible

SILK launched a complete migration of Airsplat’s product and store data into the Magento platform. Not something you see every day. The typical migration goes from one eCommerce platform to another. ERP to eCommerce was unheard of … until SILK waltzed in.

To pull off the miracle, SILK developers ran a script that exported Airsplat’s products and store data directly from the Everest ERP into Magento.  Then they crossed their fingers.


Airsoft heroes, rejoice! The migration was a resounding success, allowing Airsplat to quickly shift into Magento mode. SILK also facilitated Airsplat’s full integration with Bright Pearl.

We’re pleased to say that continues to rely on SILK for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with, as well as a bright future of productive pellet pelting.