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/Marketing/Advertising Tips

SILK Offers Marketing Muscle Backed by eBay Enterprise

SILK’s Magento managed services consistently drive strong growth for our clients. But any records we’ve set are about to be shattered. The reason? SILK has partnered with eBay Enterprise, a joining of forces that will take our clients further than ever. Why a Partnership with eBay Enterprise is Big News for Our Clients In a...
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Tips For The Novice PPC Advertiser

After a site goes live many business owners are faced with the dilemma of how to drive traffic to their site. One of the quickest ways to drive quality traffic to a site is through pay-per-click or PPC advertising. Both Bing and Google offer pay-per-click advertising campaigns, but for an inexperienced site owner, setting up...
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SEO Best Practices For Your Web Page

One of the most often neglected aspects of online marketing is SEO. Unlike PPC, email marketing and other more immediate methods of online marketing/advertising SEO takes time! When working on the SEO of a site, it's typical for business owners not to see results for a few months! For that reason, along with the fact...
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