Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? – Part 2

The previous blog in this series revealed several key factors impacting website compatibility with the Chinese e-commerce marketplace. Drawing on its formidable Magento expertise, SILK addresses those factors when developing e-commerce sites localized for this nation. Here are several others we consider in every strategy: Payment Options Since credit cards aren’t popular in the world...
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Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? – Part 1

In just a few short years, China will soar to the position of world’s largest online market. Most businesses, of course, are flocking to this realm of opportunity. Incredibly, however, many will reach the gates with an online store incompatible with local marketplace demands. Even more challenging, China’s online market is developing with lightning speed....
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SILK Builds a Gateway from Paris to China They needed a gateway. Only this would connect Paris to mainland China. Quite a leap. The gateway was on the wish list of Diptyque, world-acclaimed experts in the art of everything fragrant. Whether visiting their brick and mortar Paris boutique or their e-commerce store, you’ll discover fragrances that put the royal rose garden to...
read more> 多语言网站上线 思而科软件成功上线一个新的多语言网站(,现在可以在多个国家使用。这个网站集成了很多最新的第三方工具,在后台管理界面里,无缝集成了Everest (ERP), vTiger (CRM)和Tech Data systems。