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一般情况下国际贸易都不太容易,但Toolots.com却轻松解决了这个问题。 Toolots是直接从工厂销售设备,零部件等的美国与中国之间的在线销售平台。Toolots与两大最受欢迎的平台-Amazon和Aliexpress进行竞争。Toolots与想要在美国购买中国制造设备的企业进行合作。 那些想要在美国地区销售设备的国外制造商可以直接在网站上注册一个账号,然后美国地区的消费者就可以直接在网上进行购买。Toolots所卖的都是高品质的产品,符合行业标准。顾客可以在网上买到锯子,研磨机,钻机,注塑机和刀具等其他工具。Toolots深知汽车业、航空航天业、制造业、研发业、医疗业、轻工业和枪匠产业的需求,能为这些行业提供所需服务。 www.toolots.com


Moving Up Garage Doors是车库门行业的领先供应商。虽然它已经在行业领先很多年,但是它的网站一直是过时的,非响应式的。为了迎合现在市场需要,Moving Up Garage Doors选择了思而科来为他们开辟电商新时代。 思而科的设计师为Moving Up Garage Doors提供了响应式的设计,结合美学和市场需求,为用户营造最好的用户体验。并且,思而科还开发了一种自定义的产品筛选功能,顾客可以根据品牌,模块号和产品类型来搜索任一部件。这样一来,顾客可以买到任何一个想要的部件,不用买整个产品。


当你外出时,还有什么事情会比手机没电更烦恼吗?手机一旦没电,你也会没有精神。 PowerSkin是一家卖手机配件的零售商,他们的理念就是让每个人都生活在充满电的世界。他们生产了很多用于智能手机和平板充电的移动电源,这些电源具有生命周期友好,科技领先和时尚的特征。 最近,思而科有幸来建立它的第一个电商站点,该站点的亮点主要为:响应式设计和集成SAP B1。 思而科即设计了PC端,也设计了移动端,为不同终端用户提供最好的用户体验。 为了保持内部运行流畅,思而科把ERP解决方案-SAP Business One集成到PowerSkin网站上。通过Magento和SAP Business One的无缝集成,PowerSkin可以实时查看库存情况。所有在Magento处理的订单信息都会在ERP自动更新。

Beauty Circles the Globe

http://www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com/ PROBLEM/CHALLENGE Sonic Eraser, Clear Bi-Light, Eye-o-Sonic, and The Soniclear... Powerful devices packed into an Imperial Cruiser? No, powerful skin-enhancing tools. Along with a complete line of natural skin care products, these little miracles were developed by skin-care leader Michael Todd True Organics. Indeed, the company’s cutting edge products had performed admirably in the US....
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SILK Software Gives Apparel Retailer the Blues … And More

www.headcovers.com PROBLEM/CHALLENGE She wants a wig in the perfect shade of blonde. So she dives into your retail site and searches the selection. Nothing is right. Frustrated, she leaves, never again to return. This was a common scenario for Headcovers, an online retailer of headwear and wigs.  Customers arrived with high expectations and often left...
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SILK Leads Chinese eCommerce Colossus to U.S.

http://www.vipme.com/ VIP Shop’s VIP.com has rapidly grown into a major retail force in China and when you’re a giant, room to stretch out is mandatory! The Chinese eCommerce giant stretched all the way to the shores of the U.S. with the launch of its U.S. site - VIPME.com. A dynamic Flash Sale site, VIPME.com offers...
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BENCH/ Continues To Rely On SILK For Website Support Through Managed Services

SILK's Managed Services Program Is Perfect Fit For BENCH/ BENCH/ began in 1987 as a small store selling men’s t-shirts. Then, it grew at an unparalleled rate becoming the pioneer in the use of celebrity endorsers, television, and giant billboards to propel a fashion brand that offers premium quality products at affordable prices. From being...
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Several Custom Solutions Developed for Orange Aluminum

www.orangealuminum.com Based in Orange, California Orange Aluminum was started in 2006 with the vision of offering the industries most dynamic selection of stocked aluminum extrusions online, with no minimums, and unparralled customer support. Today, Orange Aluminum has evolved into one of the leading online destinations for aluminum extrusions. When it came to time to launch...
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SILK Steps In To Help Pacsafe Launch Site

With a tight deadline, and their current development company unable to finish the project, Pacsafe found themselves in between a rock and a hard place! Running out of options they turned to SILK to get back on track! With much of the website already in place, SILK stepped in to troubleshoot some minor front end...
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SILK Teams Up With PayPal To Bring More Features To Online Merchants

ppinvoice.com SILK recently teamed up with PayPal to help the payment processing giant deliver a more feature rich site to its China users. The site features new functionality that helps online merchants easily manage: Customer data Recurring billing Multi-currency invoicing And more!    

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