Clothes That Really Bring Out the Animal

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Clothes That Really Bring Out the Animal



Where do all the best dressed cats and dogs get their clothes? … This is high fashion for the furry, crafted by cutting-edge designers who know what it takes to keep VIPs (very important pets) stepping out in style. We’re talking sweaters, hoodies, tanks, and even dresses for those special occasions.

Blueberry PET was conceived by a clothing designer, manufacturer, and marketer. As the concept took shape, the founders selected SILK to build their dream into a website. It was a natural choice. Magento-certified SILK had rocked the fashion world many times, combining technical skill with fun, fresh design. But could they do the same for the much finickier furry set?


The enterprise called for a multi-channel strategy, something that would address all buyer preferences. SILK had to be sure they were covered. Dogs and cats never give you a second chance. The solution? Join forces with eCommerce experts, ChannelAdvisor. Combining their knowledge, the partners conducting an in-depth evaluation of the profit potential for each retail channel. Their findings proved right on the money.


SILK proved its versatility by applying a wealth of Magento expertise, normally reserved for large-scale operations, to a moderately-sized business. launched itself into retail space with incredible smoothness, rapidly soaring to prominence in the ‘high fashion world’.

But steady sales are only part of the Blueberry story. More important was the immense satisfaction provided to customers like these:

“I used to get so embarrassed just taking a walk. I was so dull. But with this new patterned sweater, I rock!” — Rex, Basset Hound, Austin, TX

“Je regarde chaud!”  — Antoinette, Calico, Paris, France

“The collar really brings out the green highlights in my eyes!” – Roxy, Poodle, Liverpool, UK

We’re pleased to say that Blueberry PET continues to rely on SILK for expert Magento support and a certain amount of high fashion advice through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with Blueberry PET and all of its furry fashionistas.