E-Commerce Retailers Discover the Road to China is Paved with Gold

//E-Commerce Retailers Discover the Road to China is Paved with Gold

E-Commerce Retailers Discover the Road to China is Paved with Gold

If you haven’t already heard, here’s something to chew on in between meals: China’s e-
commerce market is expected to exceed US$539 billion by 2015, racing past the US! Yeah,
somewhere in China it’s raining profits for e-commerce retailers . The good news is, your site
can grab a share of these cross-border shoppers … so long as you adapt to the conventions of
this unique, expanding marketplace. Among other things, this means plugging into the likes of
Alipay, tmall.com, and Taobao.

Why should you adapt your US site to the contours of China’s ecommerce environment?
Because that’s what’s working. Period. Doing anything else will leave you groping in the dark,
separated from the opportunities destined to arise from the following trends:

• Demand for American brands is surging in China. If your e-commerce site is lost in
cyberspace, these customers will be fattening a competitor’s cash column.

• New commercial pathways have been opened by a recent 10 Years Reciprocal VISA
agreement between the China and the US.

• Asian purchasing habits are increasingly shifting to e-commerce.

• Macy’s has incorporated Alipay-Epass, which enables international merchants to sell
directly to Chinese consumers. The service bundles in currency conversion, logistics, and

• China scored $9.3 billion dollars worth of online sales in just one day — November 11,
also known as ‘Singles Day’. This total exceeds that of US Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined in 2013.

Black Friday in China?

Uh…Yes. It was only a matter of time. E-commerce colossus Alibaba has introduced the super
shopping day to the Chinese people. Naturally, US retailers pounced on the event.
These trends are etched in stone and will deepen as the future unfolds. And they all add up to
one thing — major opportunities for US online retailers. Just ask Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s,
Costco, Nordstrom, and other leaders. They’ve all pitched their tents firmly in China, adapting
beautifully with e-commerce essentials such as Alipay. Now just ask yourself this question —
shouldn’t you?

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