The Key to E-commerce Competitiveness in China

//The Key to E-commerce Competitiveness in China

The Key to E-commerce Competitiveness in China

Unless you’ve been snoozing through the last decade, you know that e-commerce is rocking the Chinese mainland. For many online retailers, sales are soaring thanks to a sharp rise in cross-border shoppers. For others, sales are sputtering. What’s the difference between the winners and the also-rans? It all boils down to a single principle currently ruling international e-commerce – compatibility.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s happening: China has developed its own, unique e-commerce environment ideally suited to the international shopping scene. The ecology of this environment consists of elements such as Alipay,, and Taobao, all essential to the new landscape. International retailers have a choice – ignore the new realities and hope for the best, which is severely bucking the odds. Or gain a foothold by adapting to China’s vital e-commerce environment. Remember, to be compatible is to be competitive in the Chinese marketplace.

If you’re an e-commerce merchant, you’re looking at the answer right now – SILK Software. Here in the land of Magento-certified wizards, we’re ready, willing, and able to get your website China-compatible in record time. In our stronghold is a dynamic, fully-staffed e-commerce division ably prepared with the tools of transformation.  In short order, you’re website can be cruising through China’s highly profitable online shopping environment.

We can see your eyeballs getting wider; your hair standing on end. Relax. We don’t need to tear apart your website and rebuild it byte by byte. SILK’s Magento-certified developers can implement all necessary modifications – without a major overhaul. Feel better?

Rest assured, SILK’s Magento development team will cover all the bases. Among our highest of high priorities is creating a portal from your retail site to Alipay. You need this connection if you’re doing business in China. A division of China’s e-commerce colossus Alibaba Group, is that nation’s largest third-party online payment platform. Think of Paypal, only more suited to this distinctive environment. With Alipay, cross-border shoppers in China can buy from overseas e-commerce merchants via PC or mobile device. And they can do it much more smoothly and easily than they can with the likes of Paypal. If you’re among the millions of Chinese shoppers, which would you choose? See our point? Unless your goal is plummeting sales, you need Alipay for the Chinese market. And the resident Magento experts of SILK Software can make it happen. It’s what we do.

SILK’s Magento development team also will give your website an inside track to other essentials of Chinese e-commerce such as, the Chinese language business-to-consumer retail website, and Taobao, that nation’s answer to eBay.

Scores of other major US retailers already have jumped into a deep profit pool with China-compatible e-commerce sites. These heavy hitters include Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Costco, and Nordstrom.  Shouldn’t your retail site have the same advantage? Contact us to learn how SILK’s custom Magento solutions can make your e-commerce site profitable and competitive in today’s Chinese marketplace.