Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? – Part 3

//Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? – Part 3

Is Your Magento Store Localized for the Chinese Market? – Part 3

The previous two blogs in this series spotlighted important factors impacting e-commerce in China, and how SILK addresses these factors in the online stores we develop for that market. We also take into account these additional considerations:

Passing Through the Great Firewall of China

Companies bringing e-commerce to China must contend with a phenomenon known as ‘The Great Firewall of China’. Essentially, this formidable barrier is a protective system designed to monitor and curtail traffic attempting to access officially blocked sites. Restricted destinations generally are those delivering content that violates specific rules and regulations.

Because the wall can impact virtually any e-commerce site without advanced notice, retailers may want to consider local hosting services. The major advantage of going local is a tremendously minimized risk of encountering The Great Wall. That’s because all information originates in and flows through mainland China, ensuring a restriction-free website that offers greater access and speed to shoppers.

Integrating Customer Service Options

Chinese customers typically have higher expectations than do their Western counterparts. These lofty expectations are reflected in the tremendous value they place on the opinions of family and friends — also consulted much more here than in the West. Any e-commerce site aiming to generate profits in China must be in sync with these realities.

The live chat is one feature that aligns perfectly with the high-expectation mindset of Chinese e-commerce shoppers. Bear in mind, that nation’s customers expect this pipeline to product info to be accessible 24/7. Retailers who don’t offer a suitable chat option should consider this glaring fact — a significant portion of online purchases take place only after Chinese customers receive suitable live chat feedback.

Closely aligned with the live chat option is Issue Resolution. Defective or late-arriving products are major missteps in the eyes of Chinese shoppers. Therefore, an online retailer must offer access to a service staff highly proficient in the art soothing nerves and correcting mistakes. Failing to provide a suitable conciliatory mechanism is a great way to lose customers and inspire product bashing on the local social networks. Not the best route to improved revenue.

SILK Software has the experience and knowledge to address these unique factors in every e-commerce site we develop for the Chinese market. Contact SILK to learn more about how our proven Magento expertise can maximize your online performance in this rapidly-growing market.