Maximize the Customer Experience of Your Magento B2B Website

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Maximize the Customer Experience of Your Magento B2B Website


To attract today’s savvy buyers, Magento B2B websites must provide immensely satisfying customer experiences.  Online retailers, however, still face numerous problems that can frustrate buyers to no end. Fortunately, SILK has developed a full battery of solutions that efficiently remove these roadblocks to high customer engagement.

One of the most pressing issues facing Magento B2B websites is that of government regulations. These exist to prevent the illegal purchase or shipment of merchandise to unauthorized destinations. But how can an online retailer really be sure a particular item can be shipped to a particular destination within or outside of the U.S.? SILK easily surmounts these problems with extensions that restrict purchases and shipments according to specific criteria.

The wine industry offers fertile ground for proving the power of these extensions. Wine merchants generally travel uncertain waters, caught in a whirl of questions. What are the shipping limitations? Can I sell to retailers, wholesalers, directly to customers?  Is there an approval process involved? SILK offers welcome peace of mind with a selection of powerful Magento extensions. Among these proven solutions are:

  • Shipping Restriction Extensions
  • Age Verification Extensions
  • ID Verification Extensions
  • Payment Restriction Extensions

Special shipping requirements also create customer roadblocks for Magento B2B websites. Typically, these concern bulk, high-volume deliveries of heavy loads and occasionally hazardous materials. Retailers who can’t meet these inherent challenges risk widespread customer dissatisfaction.

SILK handles special shipping issues with a solution that automatically connects customers with multiple shipping companies, identifying the best match for their specific needs. Rates are established based on destination, shipping method, weight, price, and quantity.

Before any shipment takes place of course, B2B buyers expect a no-hassle, quick-order experience. SILK helps clients meet this demand with an extension that displays instant shipping quotes to buyers. This self-service convenience eliminates the need to make time-consuming phone calls to your company for price information.

Taken together, solutions such as these dramatically enhance the efficiency of your Magento B2B website and take the customer experience to a whole new level. Learn how far they can take your business to business site. Contact SILK for your complimentary consultation with our acclaimed Magento team.