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Retailer Sees Colorful Future




Some people want a bit more choice when shopping online, especially when they’re in the market for sports apparel. It’s not enough to search by size, price, or style. For these demanding individuals, it’s all about finding just the right shade for their sporty shirts and pants. And that means searching by color. Nothing less will do.

Go Pro Celebrity faced this color question in a big way. A popular online retailer specializing in customizable sports apparel, Go Pro Celebrity had charted a course of steady growth since its launch. Nevertheless, more and more of their customers were throwing this question in their direction: “How can I shop by color?” Go Pro Celebrity realized the necessity of satisfying this desire. If they could pull it off, both customer satisfaction and retail sales almost certainly would head upward. If they couldn’t, grumbly customers and an eroding market share loomed in their future.

Clearly, Go Pro Celebrity required a website update that permitted high-level color searching. To carry out the mission, the company selected SILK Software. It was a natural choice. SILK enjoyed a long and highly-productive relationship with Go Pro Celebrity, having provided them with a full spectrum of ongoing Magento managed services. Now SILK would be making its biggest contribution to the retailer’s bottom line.


SILK’s Magento team launched themselves into the project full bore, developing a color swatch shop-by function and integrating it with the retailer’s category page. Utilizing a sophisticated filtering system, the feature can readily identify and display particular colors.

For shoppers, this means each category page displays a set of color boxes known as a swatch. Each box corresponds to a different apparel shade. When a user selects a particular box, the displayed product changes color to reflect the new choice.

Not only is this color-swatch function highly effective; it’s daringly unique. Shop-by filters are standard on category pages but much rarer for color swatches. But, of course, SILK is no stranger to the challenge of unique solutions.


Go Pro Celebrity’s implementation of a color swatch function has generated impressive results for the retailer.  The feature has helped drive both higher conversions and a steadily-rising sales volume.  With the trend expected to continue, Go Pro Celebrity definitely sees a bright, colorful future.

We’re pleased to say that Go Pro Celebrity continues to rely on SILK for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with Go Pro Celebrity.