Securing Success for Magento B2B Websites

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Securing Success for Magento B2B Websites


Virtually every Magento B2B website is aiming for higher ROI and conversion rates. This, of course, requires a phenomenal customer experience. Unfortunately, rapidly-evolving technologies are constantly changing the game. Customers want more, and they want it faster and faster. B2B websites that don’t deliver are poison to today’s buying public – and your bottom line.

Not surprisingly, the need for speed has spawned a brood of beastly problems for online retailers. Here are two of the more notorious and the ways in which SILK is conquering them to create commercial triumphs for their customers.

Quick Ordering

When it comes to ordering products, customers demand lightning-quick and convenient. Complicating matters, B2B consumers typically drain your system with massive orders covering multiple products. Forget about navigating to each product page to fill a cart item by item. This is a sluggish, plodding journey no customer is willing to make. What your buying public craves, and what you better have, is a single stopping point that allows loading of multiple product skus/titles into a cart.

Fortunately, SILK can lift you over this hurdle with precise Magento extensions that facilitate smoother, more convenient ordering. For instance, a Quick Order Form extension enables rapid searches and quick locating of products, without slogging and fumbling through a slew of categories.

An auto-suggest extension reduces search time even further. Utilizing this, customers can enter all or part of a product name or sku to locate a particular product and load it into their cart – without ever leaving the main page! Gone are long, laborious hunts for elusive items.

Special Payment Options

Special Payment extensions empower accounts receivable systems to track and manage all purchase order payments. Supported by these extensions, a B2B website can automatically:

  • Set the New Order Status to pending or processing
  • Set net terms for any customer
  • Drive quick payments by printing and sending PO invoices to customers
  • Update the status of shipped orders to ‘shipped, pending payment’
  • Change shipped order status to ‘completed’ when payment has been received.
  • Show unpaid outstanding purchase orders.

Special Payment extensions also enable customers to fund purchases with personal credit accounts. Further efficiency is provided by a companion extension that allows users to replenish credit accounts with simple recharge codes. This convenience, of course, opens the doorway to further shopping and inspires greater overall satisfaction. Taken together, extensions such as these dramatically enhance the efficiency of Magento B2B websites and take the customer experience to a whole new level. Learn how far they can take your business to business site. Contact SILK for your complimentary consultation with our acclaimed Magento team.