SILK on Hand at Inaugural Melange Conference

//SILK on Hand at Inaugural Melange Conference

SILK on Hand at Inaugural Melange Conference

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Where Fashion Meets Technology

Coming from all across the country, technology and fashion enthusiasts gathered at the New Mart in downtown Los Angeles for the first annual Mélange conference. This two-day event had one goal: to reshape the way we explore technological innovations, while celebrating best practices in both the fashion and eCommerce industries. With opening remarks from established Mélange CEO, Tom Keefer, attendees quickly realized this was an exclusive community for showcasing relevant trends and innovations. SILK Software, among the group of attendees, drew from their expertise to focus on the transformational omnicommerce landscape at this inaugural event.

New Opportunities in eCommerce

Starting at the intersection of fashion and technology, Mélange 2015 called upon a millennial and centennial perspective to demonstrate current innovations in eCommerce. Privo Co-Founder, Ken Tayloe, quickly tapped into the audience’s minds with his presentation of 3 entrepreneurs, all from different age groups. Each telling their own story of how eCommerce, fashion, and technology have shaped their endeavors, it gave attendees a clear look as to what is to come in the future. All three speakers came to the same conclusion: more than ever before, consumer purchases occur from any place, at any time, on virtually any device. The retail industry has adopted a global approach, in which it is no longer enough for your brand to only have a presence in both online and offline channels with separate touchpoints. Rather an omnichannel strategy with integrated touchpoints will leverage the way your brand stays connected to the consumer.

Senior Vice President of Analytics and Media, Laura Jounkovski, touched on Just Fab Inc.’s experience with the omnichannel strategy. Allowing customers to start their retail experience via one channel, while finishing on another, lets the customers experience the whole brand. Observing a different pattern of behavior than what you only see online, the omni channel strategy creates a more devoted and profitable customer relationship. In order for brands to become customer –centric, marketing leaders need to think like customers. Understanding consistent interactions is key in enhancing the optimal viewing experience.

SILK has extensive experience helping fashion brands with brick and mortar locations, having worked with some of the industry’s most recognizable names such as: Affliction and Foreign Exchange. Building upon our existing experience, SILK strives to stay atop the latest trends in this niche industry and continues to be an invaluable resource for technological innovations. Contact us today to learn more about some of the ways we can help you achieve your omnichannel goals.