SILK Offers Marketing Muscle Backed by eBay Enterprise

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SILK Offers Marketing Muscle Backed by eBay Enterprise

SILK’s Magento managed services consistently drive strong growth for our clients. But any records we’ve set are about to be shattered. The reason? SILK has partnered with eBay Enterprise, a joining of forces that will take our clients further than ever.

Why a Partnership with eBay Enterprise is Big News for Our Clients

In a nutshell, the union gives SILK access to eBay’s formidable resources. And we will be channeling these resources into highly effective solutions that help propel our clients to new plateaus of commerce success.

SILK will be utilizing a full battery of cutting-edge digital marketing tools in the eBay arsenal. Each of these carefully-honed innovations has been meticulously designed to help ignite significant growth for brands engaged in digital commerce.

By leveraging these marketing resources, SILK can provide clients with significant firepower to drive customer acquisition. To achieve acquisition goals, our team will focus on two primary areas.

AFFILIATE – Utilizing eBay’s vast resources, SILK will help facilitate the connection to a vast network of affiliate relationships. Customer connections will be created to drive transactions online, via mobile, and through multi-channel applications. To help customers gauge their progress, SILK will utilize various tracking mechanisms and customized analytics.

Key Client Benefits:

  • Ability to reach prospects and customers at virtually any location and time.
  • Links with over 200,000 publishers spanning 20 categories and over 30 verticals.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING  –  What if you could connect with over $255 billion in commerce volume and 150 million active users? That’s the massive, global eBay marketplace. And through our partnership with eBay Enterprise, SILK enjoys full access to this data in real time. This wealth of information facilitates the identification of a brand’s optimum audience, as well as the creation of precision-targeted display ads that invariably drive improved brand performance.

Tapping into this exclusive data bank, SILK can combine historical purchase behavior and current in-market shopping data with their clients’ own CRM data to reactivate past customers.

Key Client Benefits:

  • Highly relevant ads that capture customer interest.
  • An expanding base of new customers and repeat purchases from existing ones.

SILK is ready to take your business a long, long way with powerful marketing campaigns fueled by our partnership with eBay Enterprise. Contact SILK to schedule your complimentary consultation with our acclaimed Magento commerce team.