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SILK is Retailer’s Santa Claus



Only two weeks. That’s how long it took sales to nosedive for, a newly-launched online retailer of accessories for mobile devices. By the time those weeks had elapsed, the struggling company has lost a staggering 70% of its customers. Darkening their skies even more, the holiday season was only weeks away. Unless this downslide could be rectified, millions in sales would be lost, a disaster that surely would drive irreversibly out of business.

The retailer’s progress was roadblocked by not one, but three glaring deficiencies. The first was speed, or more specifically the lack of it. While most websites zip, dragged along with an average load time of 10 seconds, which often resulted in crashes.  Not surprisingly, discouraged visitors fled in droves.  Compounding the problem was the site’s faulty search system, which far too often delivered the wrong product.

A flawed ERP also contributed to the retailer’s woes. Instead of reliability, the system updated new products hampered by improper images, and descriptions – a catastrophe for a company adding 100s of new accessories to its inventory each day!  It often took hours just to push products from the ERP to Magento. ERP issues also wreaked havoc with order processing, causing many a dissatisfied customer to besiege the retailer with angry phone calls, “Where’s my order?”


Burdened by these seemingly insurmountable challenges, turned to SILK Software’s acclaimed eCommerce consulting services to provide a diagnosis and appropriate solutions.  SILK’s experienced consultants conducted in-depth interviews with the retailer’s stakeholders – the heads of IT, Marketing, and Operations. Supporting these efforts was an intensive code audit to address site speed and performance.

Once sufficient data was compiled, SILK’s consultants leveraged the company’s understanding of business workflow to craft a short-term plan intended to revitalize the website in time for the impending holiday rush.


Guided by its depth of talent and Magento expertise, SILK implemented a battery of solutions including modifying core code to increase site speed and modifications to the bridge between the ERP and Magento to ensure accurate data transition. Dramatic improvements were seen in both site efficiency and management as well as overall user experience. The outcome was phenomenal. In a matter of days, recovered nearly 80% of its customers, heating up holiday sales beyond the retailer’s wildest dreams. You might say that SILK was the retailer’s Santa Claus!

We’re pleased to say that continues to rely on SILK for expert eCommerce consulting services to monitor their business workflow, as well as Magento support through our Managed Services program. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with this valued partner.