SILK Software Announces B2B Solutions With Magento And SAP Business One

//SILK Software Announces B2B Solutions With Magento And SAP Business One

SILK Software Announces B2B Solutions With Magento And SAP Business One

Irvine, CA – SILK Software’s team of eCommerce specialists announced today that they would be implementing B2B integration solutions with Magento and SAP Business One. SILK has aligned with SAP Business One, a leading ERP software, to offer multiple B2B eCommerce solutions packages, thus fueling the integration of two systems at a competitive price. SILK’s onsite staff resources and unmatched experience have allowed them to develop a cutting edge turnkey eCommerce integration solution, utilizing the powerful functionality of each piece of software.

After nearly a decade of unparalleled success in eCommerce, SILK has observed the continued growth in B2B eCommerce and has developed these solutions to allow this market to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in online commerce. “We feel that developing a single solution to help streamline key processes in B2B is the only logical next step in advancing both our organizations and our clients growth,” said SILK Software CEO and President Dong Xu.  “The integration of Magento with SAP Business One produces higher sales efficiencies, increased revenue, and a better customer service experience.”

This integration allows B2B merchants to seamlessly communicate with Business One, which not only improves the efficiency of the fulfillment process, but creates a more enduring customer experience. The objective is reducing human error and increasing internal productivity.

Integrating Magento with SAP Business One will also provide users with unlimited access to business and logistics information at any time, creating quick and intuitive ordering.  Reaching new customers while enjoying higher customer retention, merely skim the vast amount of ways the SILK Business One B2B solution will save companies time and money.

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About SILK

Silk Software is a global provider of e-Commerce solutions focused on enabling merchants to achieve their online growth objectives. As a recognized Magento Gold Solutions Partner, SILK is home to the industry’s leading designers, consultants, developers, and support personnel. Leveraging their considerable talents, the company creates memorable and personalized shopping experiences that drive conversion and customer loyalty.