SILK Software Gives Apparel Retailer the Blues … And More

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SILK Software Gives Apparel Retailer the Blues … And More



She wants a wig in the perfect shade of blonde. So she dives into your retail site and searches the selection. Nothing is right. Frustrated, she leaves, never again to return.

This was a common scenario for Headcovers, an online retailer of headwear and wigs.  Customers arrived with high expectations and often left sorely disappointed. Not that Headcovers lacks selection. They’re fully stocked with wigs and headwear in nearly 6,000 eye-catching colors – virtually every shade in the known universe.  The blues alone go on forever – turquoise, navy, royal blue, indigo, teal, blue Neptune, dark denim, etc. Now factor in all the other shades, and you have one overwhelmed website admin. Handling the color load was impossible. To compensate, the system simply eliminated many shades during searches – shades that should have been displayed.  And when they weren’t there, neither were the customers.

Clearly, Headcovers required a Magento color swatch management system capable of handling its incredibly vast selection. Until that solution was discovered, sales would continue their downward spiral.


Acknowledging the need for expert Magento color swatch support, Headcovers turned to SILK Software. The Magento-certified SILK team dug in and pinpointed a need to better define the merchant’s color space. Each of their nearly 6,000 color choices required proper categorization and accurate filtering to display on cue.

Drawing on its knowledge of Magento color swatch management, SILK developed a custom solution that enabled Headcovers’ website admin to better navigate the vast color inventory from the backend. In effect, the new system consolidated the immense number of color values into ‘families’. An administrator now could quickly navigate to specific color values by filtering these color families. A search for ‘blue’ displayed all the hues visually associated with blue –  turquoise, navy, royal blue, indigo, teal, blue Neptune, dark denim, and all the rest. Nothing slipped past the radar.


SILK’s Magento color attribute management solution has dramatically streamlined the workload of Headcovers’ web administrator.  What was once a nightmare of product management now is a piece of cake. And with so many shades conveniently at their fingertips, virtually all customers can find their dream color in a snap.

We’re pleased to say that Headcovers continues to rely on SILK for Magento support through our Managed Services program. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with this valued partner.