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Magento 2 Features


It was 2010 when Magento’s co-founder and then CTO Yoav Kutner officially announced Magento 2 during a Magento keynote. “Finally, the platform is mature enough where it’s requiring a new version.”

Fast forward 5 years, and the Magento community is still waiting. Why has it taken so long? Could it have something to do with Magento being acquired by eBay back in 2011? Perhaps, with such a major change of hands, one could argue that bringing Magento, Inc. into the eBay fold took a bit of effort and time coupled by the fact that some people, including top management guys, left the company including Yoav.

Now, in the final quarter of 2015 the Magento community is anticipating a release any day now.

If in fact the Q4 release pans out, what can we expect with the new release? Below are some of the rumored enhancements:


Magento 2 will be responsive out of box.

Easier Theme Customization

With the introduction of the “Visual Design Editor” web administrators will not need to have any specialized technical knowledge to modify the look and feel of pages. This easy to use “drop and drag” system allows you to make theme customizations with ease in the admin panel.

Enhanced Product Management

Maintaining and updating your product catalog has never been easier with the new product manager interface.

Reduced Upgrade Efforts and Costs

  • Installing a new Magento instance will be easier
  • Upgrading to a newer version will be easier
  • Installing and upgrading extensions will be easier

Modular Code & Customization

Magento 2 cross modular code reduces cross-module dependencies, making it easier for developers to modify a piece of code without it effecting or breaking another area of code.

Better Performance

Speed and performance was always an issue with Magento 1. Magento 2 should be significantly faster.

External Integrations:

With Magento 2, integrations with external systems are simplified with via enhanced APIs. These new APIs are also more efficient making is possible to return multiple pieces of data such as customer, order, etc. in just one call. These APIs can also create-update-delete-retrieve data based on fields common to Magento and the external systems in one just one call.

Needless to say, this impressive collection of enhancements has the Magento community heavily anticipating the release, whenever that may be. To say atop this new technology, SILK has sent our brightest developers to the Magento 2 training program, whenever Magento decides to release version 2, SILK will be ready.