The Solution to Servers Gone Wild

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The Solution to Servers Gone Wild


Maybe it’s the long hours. The constant questions. The blizzard of information. Or a million and one other occupational hazards. But some servers just can’t cut it. Some even completely lose it.

That was the case with precious metal retailer Business was booming. But the company’s server had a mind of its own. Cooperated most of the time. But when the workload piled up (and this was happening more and more), it bucked and kicked. Queries and searches got lost. Orders got botched. Sometimes the server just shut down and took a siesta.

Goldmart Strikes Back

Goldmart finally put its golden foot down. An uncooperative server means grumbly customers. And that’s seldom good for bottom lines. Goldmart needed to pack up and move to a new server. Something 100% reliable. They called in SILK to facilitate the transition.


SILK’s Magento experts assessed the situation and implemented Goldmart’s rapid move to cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here’s what Goldmart got out of the deal:

  • Access to data services on demand — not round the clock. With a cloud service such as AWS, you pay only for what you use.
  • Ability to scale data to sync with the spikes and dips of web traffic. This arrangement improves deployment speed and efficiency.
  • A connection to multiple servers, which offers a lower failure rate than a single server.

In a nutshell, SILK’s Managed Services helped Goldmart exchange a huge, profit-draining headache for consistent reliability, peace of mind, and much greater customer satisfaction.


Following the shift to AWS, Goldmart reported a jump in page-loading speed – a whole second faster than its previous pace!

As an AWS reseller and Magento support provider, SILK became Goldmart’s first point of contact for any and all technical or server related issues. eCommerce businesses can count on SILK to arrange all necessary support from partners such as Amazon, as defined by the terms of their agreements.

We’re pleased to say that continues to rely on SILK for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with