SILK Creates Special Feature for B2B Client

//SILK Creates Special Feature for B2B Client

SILK Creates Special Feature for B2B Client


Special Orders Made Easy

SILK Software’s acclaimed Magento B2B services actually consist of several distinct solutions, each designed to enhance the performance of digital commerce. Recently, our team had the opportunity to provide one of these B2B solutions to online retailer 8Net.

Based in California’s City of Industry, 8Net is a prominent retailer of business supplies. From corrugated boxes and tape dispensers to office furniture, the well-known retailer provides a full spectrum of products to businesses large and small.

When 8Net decided to refresh its website design to keep pace evolving trends and changing consumer expectations, the retailer called upon SILK Software.


A website update, however, was only one part of the equation. SILK also would have to address one of 8Net’s most pressing issues – impatient customers. As things stood, many customers had browsed the 8Net catalog dozens and dozens of times. As a result, they knew the product line inside and out. For them, running through the myriad of steps of a typical search was a frustrating time waste.


SILK’s creative team devised a redesign strategy that would keep 8Net competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. The modifications included the implementation of one of SILK’s premier Magento B2B solutions —  a Special Order Form. Once integrated with the 8Net website, the Special Order Form would eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming browsing and searching. To create this, the SILK team combined a Quick Order Form with 8Net’s tier price sheet, thereby centralizing a mass of shopping data at one, easily-accessible touch point. Adding to the convenience, the integration allowed customers to print out order pages if needed.


The website upgrade and integration of a Special Order Form have dramatically improved the customer experience for shoppers visiting the 8Net site. It’s been reported that by utilizing the advanced Order Form, customers save about ½ on their shopping trip.

SILK is pleased to report that the redesign and implementation of its B2B Magento solution have more than met 8Net’s expectations. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with 8Net.