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STX: Cutting Edge Design

STX Working with a design agency, SILK implemented a visually arresting eCommerce experience with the STX brand, seamlessly integrating the attractive front end with AS/400.

1928 Mobile: Shopping on the Go

1928 Mobile SILK’s fruitful partnership with 1928 Jewelry continues with the recent launch of the mobile versions of the company’s websites. Now fans of the entire family of brands can shop on the go, anywhere and everywhere.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: Magento Enterprise Upgrade

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics SILK Software revamped the look of Kyocera’s website and upgraded the eCommerce platform from Magento Pro to Magento Enterprise. This upgrade enabled the new site to meet all of Kyocera’s back end requirements and seamlessly integrate with their Visibility ERP system.

Pacific.com.mx: 多语言网站上线

Pacific.com.mx 思而科软件成功上线一个新的多语言网站(Pacific.com.mx),现在可以在多个国家使用。这个网站集成了很多最新的第三方工具,在后台管理界面里,无缝集成了Everest (ERP), vTiger (CRM)和Tech Data systems。