Un-Crunching the Number Cruncher

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Un-Crunching the Number Cruncher



If stats fly at you from every direction … if numbers rain down on a daily basis, you’ll definitely
appreciate StataCorp. The Texas-based company is the king of the hill when it comes to
statistical software for academics and other professionals. Worthy of honorable mention is its
flagship product, Stata. This sophisticated package covers the full stat-spectrum — integrated
statistics, graphics, and data-management … and then some. StataCorp also publishes books
about statistics, as well as a peer-reviewed quarterly journal through its publishing arm, Stata
Press. Yes, it’s a busy place.

As StataCorp got busier, its website began stretching beyond its capacity. Before long, this
leading number cruncher was in a crunch. Urgently needed – like yesterday – was an upgrade

capable of bringing under control an infrastructure of complex features — volume pricing, geo-
targeting, PCI compliance, pricing for different market segments, and distinctions between
perpetual licenses and annual licenses, just to name a few.

StataCorp combed the landscape and selected SILK Software to meet the challenge. It
was a natural choice. SILK knows the complex requirements of a full-scale B2B Magento
implementation — an understanding demonstrated time and time again throughout the industry.


SILK launched the upgrade process by assembling a squad of experts to tackle StataCorp’s
order- processing capabilities. Among the issues addressed during this mission were price
structure, customer targeting, and product promotions.

SILK brought its software architecture expertise to bear on a battery of modules and functionalities. New customized modules were added in many cases. Others got a major makeover. Among the new additions was a customized module that differentiates between perpetual licenses and annual licenses.


The upgraded StataCorp website launched to resounding success. Both the customized and
improved modules performed flawlessly, as did the countless other modifications implemented
by SILK’s development team. Dramatic improvements were seen in all areas, including volume
pricing, geo-targeting, PCI compliance, pricing for different market segments, and distinctions
between perpetual licenses and annual licenses. Customer engagement also took a major step
forward. All in all, the site was performing as smooth as, well, SILK.

We’re pleased to say that StataCorp continues to rely on SILK for expert Magento support through our Managed Services program. As with all of our other valued partners, we look forward to a long and productive relationship with StataCorp.